Shared Inspiration - Asian Art Exhibition, National Art Museum of China

In May 2019, the Conference on Dialogue Asian Civilizations is held in Beijing. During Asian Civilizations Week, the Asian Civilization Exhibition will be conducted, The first section is themed Expression of the East. As Asia is in the eastern hemisphere, this section intends to reveal the poetic beauty of Asian art. Works of Chinese artists in ration: Asian Art Exhibition. Hosted by the Ministry of the section feature lotus, who shares the same pronunciation (he) as "peace" in Chinese Culture and Tourism of the People's Republie of China (MCT), the Asian Art Exhibition is organized by the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) and co-organized by the China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd. (CAEG). Centering on Shared Inspiration, the exhibition will display outstanding fine art works by Asian artists, as well as the various artistic features and unique cultures of different Asian countries. and thus implies peace and harmony. Besides the elegant and noble lotuses, these works also embody the Chinese culture that holds harmony and inclusiveness. The second section is Beauty of China, which displays the works of artists from various Asia countries, depicting the people and natural scenery of China. Audience could learn the beauty and energy of contemporary China through the eyes of artists from different cultural backgrounds. The third section, Charm of Asia, demonstrates contemporary Chinese artists' understandings of other Asian countries and embraces diverse cultures. sia is the largest and the most populous continent in the world. The vast land bred the Chinese Civilization, the Ancient Indian Civilization and Ancient Babylonian Civilization among others. The exchanges and communications among the civilizations Through the rich forms and artistie language - ink paintings, oil paintings, prints and have lasted through all ages, bringing forth the trans-Eurasia transportation systems of economy, trade and culture, such as the famous Silk Road and Maritime Silk Road. In addition to the Asian civilizations, the connection between Asia and Europe has enabled more civilizations to merge, to learn from each other and to work for mutual benefits in Asia. So we could say that the Asian civilization itself features blending. sculptures, ete., Asia and the rest of the world will see the spirit of Chinese culture, the uniqueness of Asian civilizations and the shared cultural origin of Asian countries. Echoing the Conference's theme of promoting dialogue, exchange, mutual learning, mutual respect, tolerance and assistance among different civilizations, the Exhibition emphasizes the spirit and value of a shared future among all the civilizations. sian Art Exhibition will house 130 excellent works by 120 artists from 41 countries All the civilizations are distinetive, equal and inclusive. President Xi Jinping once (Russia ineluded) in Asia. The exhibits are mainly the collection of MCT, NAMOC and the Chinese Artists Association (CAA). The Exhibition will also showease the artworks recommended by the embassies in China, as well as the members of the Silk Road International Alliance of Art Museums and Galleries and the BRICS Alliance of commented on the harmonious coexistence of human civilizations, "Civilizations are diverse and rich because of communication and mutual learning, which greatly facilitate the progress of human eivilization and the peaceful development of the world. We have always been developing in the encounter and understanding of different nations and cultures." Let's feel the beautiful mind of people from all the Asian countries and their wishes for peace and development in these wonderful art works. Let's meet and learn from each other while working together towards a bright future. useums and Galleries. The Exhibition is divided into three sections based on the ferent themes of the works, namely, Expression of the East, Beauty of China and Charm of Asia.


Exhibition Period: May 10th to 26th, 2019 (Closed Every Monday).

Exhibition Halls: 1,6,7,8,9,10 and 11.

Exhibition Venue: National Art Museum of China (No.1 Wusi Street, Dongcheng District, 100010, Beijing, China).
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