"Grapevine Selection" - Vol 1, Hanoi Fine Arts Museum , Hanoi , Vietnam

Dear friends and supporters,

Exactly 6 years ago on 11 October 2007 Hanoi Grapevine was established by Canadian artist Brian Ring and since then the Grapevine has grown to become more than just a website, it is now a community of arts and culture lovers. We have also supported countless art exhibitions as well as music and cultural events as communications partner and have been very successful in bridging the arts and its audience.

And this year, together with our 6th anniversary, we want to push a step forward by putting together our first ever art exhibition with the aim to develop an appealing platform for potential buyers and an international art audience. It is an initial step for us to start realizing our mission of contributing to building an art market in Vietnam.

This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to encounter an outstanding selection of contemporary Vietnamese art and to acquire quality work to add to or begin your collection. Furthermore, 5% of the proceeds of any artworks sold will be donated to KOTO‘s training centers for disadvantaged youth in Vietnam.

Hanoi Grapevine is pleased to welcome you to The Grapevine Selection – Volume 1 with the participation of:

Vuong Van Thao
Ha Manh Thang
Nguyen Quang Huy
Pham Huy Thong
Nguyen Minh Thanh
Pham Ngoc Duong
Nguyen Huy An
Le Quy Tong

Exhibition infomation :

Opening: Sat 02 Nov 2013, 6 pm
Exhibition date : 01 – 04 Nov 2013
Location : Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts