​Painting Today

Author : Tony Godfrey

Edition : reprint / Publisher Phaidon Press, 2009 Original from the University of California / Digitized16 Aug 2010 / ISBN : 0714846317, 9780714846316 / Length 448 pages

Photo‐realism, abstraction, portraiture, installation painting, neo‐expressionism and the Leipzig School are just some of the areas of this thriving medium explored in Painting Today. This comprehensive survey of contemporary painting presents the broad range of styles, materials and methods that comprise the artform, extending the tradition of Phaidon’s trail–blazing Art Today. Since the proclaimed "death of painting" in 1968, artists around the globe have nevertheless continued to expand its imagery, techniques and meanings, and in over 500 illustrations this book presents the work of both famous and emergent painters active around the world. Tony Godfrey presents a lively and authoritative view of the vast range of possibilities that painting today encompasses.


Who Do You Think We Are ? Exhibition catalog

The Bui gallery, April 2009
Format: Paperback
Size: 300 x 230 mm 
Pages: 118 pp
Illustrations: 50 illustrations
Language : English & Vietnamese